Jonathan Dark or The Evidence Of Ghosts

J Dark or the Evidence of Ghosts


Maria is blind. She sees London in a different way to most. For her, the city is a collage of sounds and scents and feelings. Jonathan Dark is a policeman. For him, London is a dangerous and shadowy place, far stranger than most would believe. Maria has a stalker. The stalker says he loves her, but the last time he told someone that the object of his affection wound up as the star of an unsolved murder case. Jonathan’s unsolved murder case.

Maria has seven days to reciprocate the stalker’s feelings or suffer the consequences. Jonathan has seven days to catch a murderer who is exceedingly good at covering his tracks. London is a big place, nothing is as it seems, and the dead are restless…

JONATHAN DARK or THE EVIDENCE OF GHOSTS is one of those books that crawls under your skin from the very first page. Part crime drama, part ghost tale, part gothic love story – A. K. Benedict’s spade stabs deep into the human condition and digs up the very best and worst that people have to offer. There is an itchy creepiness to the plot as it spirals down into places where everyone is a suspect, where no one can be trusted.

I have to admit that, on more than one occasion, I thought I’d solved the crime in this book, but Benedict is a sneaky writer who knows how to dangle red herrings and deliver a well-timed sucker punch or two. JONATHAN DARK or THE EVIDENCE OF GHOSTS is an engrossing story of mystery and danger, love and loss, life and death, but at its heart it’s a tale of people and the complicated nature of existence. It is so much more than your average police procedural, and you really need to add it to your reading list.

This one is not to be missed.

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