A Forgotten Tale

The Wolves of Glastonbury


About seven or eight years ago, Terrie Leigh Relf and I discussed the idea of writing a story together. We both have a fondness for werewolves and decided that this would the focus of our tale. I suggested Glastonbury in England for a setting, as my wife and I had spent a few days there and found it to be a magical place steeped in myth and mystery. Terrie suggested that we used the POVs of two different characters to tell the story, with her writing one and me the other. A big old ocean separates the two of us so we couldn’t discuss our ideas face to face, and writing our own characters seemed a good way to collaborate across the mystical highways of the interweb. And it was. Thus we began our tale.

I wrote the first chapter and emailed it to Terrie; she wrote the second and emailed it back, and so on and so forth. Over a period of three or four years we wrote and rewrote, shelved the project when times got too busy, edited ourselves and each other, talked about new ideas, what worked and what didn’t, wrote some more and redrafted, and slowly bashed out a novella called THE WOLVES OF GLASTONBURY. And we were pleased with our efforts.

But just at the point when we felt the story was finished and ready for submission, life changed for me. A literary agent signed me and my fantasy trilogy THE RELIC GUILD. He advised that I held off submitting any new works, just for a short time, while he tried to sell my novels to a publisher. This was in 2012, and by early 2013 I had signed a three book deal with mighty Gollanczand my life changed again. The short time that THE WOLVES OF GLASTONBURY was supposed to be on the backburner became a long time, longer still, and I all but forgot about it. For this, I apologise to fabulous and patient Terrie Leigh Relf, and to Alban Lake who expressed interest in publishing the novella back in 2012.

For almost three years I wrote the remaining books of THE RELIC GUILDtrilogy, thinking of nothing else. I had (and I’m still having) an incredible time meeting amazing people, attending conventions, and enjoying a great relationship with my marvellous editor Marcus Gipps. But when I finished writing book three of THE RELIC GUILD last year, I wondered what came next and remembered a forgotten novella that I once wrote with a friend of mine. I got in touch with Terrie. We got in touch with Alban Lake. I was happy – and lucky – to discover that everyone was still interested in the story, and I awoke this morning to the brilliant surprise that it had finally been released.

So here it is, seven or eight years after its inception, THE WOLVES OF GLASTONBURY by Terrie Leigh Relf & Edward Cox. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.


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